Earlier in July, we saw an increase in vertical video and the introduction of Facebook’s new AR ads. August, however, proved to be an even more exciting month for the world of social media…


Twitter tests new layout for replies

Twitter has been testing out a new layout for replies. The platform has been experimenting with different options, which are said to better emphasise tweet engagement.

Based on the current mock ups, Twitter has three key elements:


  1. Colour coding – for responses from the original tweet poster and yourself, highlighting key replies (purple for responses from the original tweeter, blue for you).
  2. Active user – green dots on profile images within reply chains to indicate when a user is active and spark more real time engagement (the option to switch off will be available).
  3. Threaded replies – to individual responses, making it easier for users to see who’s responded to what within tweet threads..


It’s an interesting experiment, providing some great insight as to where Twitter is heading, and how they’re seeking to boost engagement on the platform.


Snapchat adds ‘Bounce’ – its own version of Instagram’s ‘Boomerang’

Snapchat has launched another Instagram-like feature called ‘Bounce’. This feature’s functionality is essentially the same as Instagram’s Boomerang, but with a slight difference.

According to Elite Daily, it’s really easy to use. After recording your video, tap and hold the infinity icon that appears at the bottom of your options menu. That will bring up a ‘Bounce’ slider that spans the full clip. You can then choose which part of your clip you would like to use as a loop in your snap.

Whilst it’s an exciting new addition to the app, ‘Bounce’ is unlikely to make a big difference to Snapchat and the way people use it.

Facebook watch is now available to all users

Facebook has finally announced the wider rollout of its Facebook Watch Video platform.

The platform’s rival, YouTube, has seemingly failed to gain huge traction but usage is growing and will obviously give it a significant boost.

According to Facebook, they want to make the Watch experience more social. As well as allowing users to see which videos their friends have liked or shared, the platform will create shows that have audience participation at their core, and open Watch to videos from Pages. The aim of Watch is to help people discover and engage more deeply with videos they love.


Instagram adds private polls to direct messages

In their latest efforts to enhance direct messaging, Instagram added its popular poll stickers to private messages – giving users another way to interact within smaller groups.

The shift towards this may have been influenced by the growing number of scandals seen due to the erroneous or ill-thought-out social posts. For example, James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy director was recently fired by Disney because of offensive opinions he shared via Twitter several years ago.

On Instagram, around half of all users now also use the platform’s messaging option. According to previous reports, 85% of the messages sent on Instagram are shared between the same three friends, underlining the desire for more private sharing.

There has also been talks around Instagram working on a ‘lists’ feature – similar to WhatsApp’s lists – which would enable users to share posts and stories with selected friends.

The introduction of polls in DMs is a minor option, but it’s an indicator that Instagram is moving to provide more private sharing options.

LinkedIn updates experience listings on profiles to better represent career progression

LinkedIn has introduced a new option which will enable users to more accurately represent their career movements within a single company, by listing internal shifts under one banner on your LinkedIn profile.

According to LinkedIn, user profiles are viewed up to 29 times more if you have more than one position listed in your ‘Experience’ section. This is a great update for LinkedIn, as it’ll enable users to communicate their experience within a company more accurately and more succinctly.