It may sound a little cheesy, but one of my best work-related moments of this year was finally getting to see my colleagues in the flesh after more than 12 months apart! As a team, we’ve pulled together like never before during these ‘unprecedented times’, and work mates have become real mates, so it was a total joy to see each other and celebrate our collective good health.

Libby Raynsford │ Head of Digital Communications


I always find it difficult to single out specific moments or campaigns that stand above all others, so for me, the most satisfying thing about work this year is the overall progress we have made as an agency. Not only have we expanded the team, but we’ve also won a raft of new clients, diversified our offering, grown many existing accounts, and are heading into 2022 with a healthy new business pipeline.

Alex Juggins │ Account Director


One of my favourite things about 2021 has been the creation of my new home office.  I absolutely love working from home, but after 18 months of working at the kitchen table surrounded by family and the chaos of day-to-day life, escaping to the sanctuary of a dedicated workspace is bliss!

Amy Miller │ Account Director


There’s been so many positive moments about 2021, both personally and professionally, but as a proud Italian I have to say that it’s been incredible watching Italy winning the Euros, Lamont Marcell Jacobs winning the 100m sprint at the Tokyo Olympics – the first time an Italian has ever won the 100m Olympic title – and of course Giuseppe Dell’Anno, winning the Great British Bake Off.

Marco Ferrari │ Managing Director


It’s been another strange year in a lot of ways, but for me, just being able to connect with friends, family and colleagues in person has made a huge difference.  While working remotely is fantastic, we’ve been able to mix it in with days in the office, company meetings, events and social get togethers which gives us the balance we all need.

Belle Moss Director


Much like last year, 2021 isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon! Professionally, it’s difficult to put my finger on one specific achievement. I have the opportunity as an account manager to support a broad range of clients across PR, social and marketing, which means that no two days are ever the same. Seeing what we’ve achieved and what is yet to come for our clients is so exciting.

Euan Antona │ Account Manager


Joining the team at Torque and being so warmly welcomed by everyone, was definitely a highlight. It’s daunting starting a new job, particularly during COVID, but everyone has been so friendly and really made me feel like a valued member of the team. On top of that I finally got my graduation ceremony after finishing University last year!

Maisie Chapman │ Junior Communications Executive 


For me a real highlight was executing a successful lobbying campaign on behalf of our client Mellor earlier this year. We not only won high-profile third-party stakeholder support for the client, but we also earned acres of media coverage and gained some traction in government circles – the subject was even debated in the House of Commons.

Paul O’Malley │ Account Director


2021 has been another noteworthy year for the automotive and technology sector, with highs and lows around the industry.  Having the opportunity to play a crucial role in delivering Torque client AEM’s, COP26 event was outstanding in so many ways.

Alex Michaelides │ Associate Director