The challenge

Having helped the Automotive division of Tata Steel to announce its pioneering Mission Campaign – a strategic outline from the company to commit to a future of sustainable manufacturing – Torque were tasked with spreading the news from the renowned steel maker far and wide.

The news had already been announced by means of targeted press release distribution and with key interviews planned with the most important automotive engineering press. But by organising a digital press conference hosted by a leader of the project from Tata Steel, Torque could gather the top tier of core engineering media in one place, with the opportunity to take in vital information and ask technical questions.

How Torque helped

Starting by building a list of key media, Torque went on to develop a digital press conference based on available resources – chiefly the availability of a lead engineer and spokesperson to lead the presentation and utilising the digital press conference platform to maximise the impact of the news from the Mission Campaign announcement.

Torque created and progressed the content of the presentation with guidance from Tata Steel, and went onto consider other assets that would be required by media – in turn, preparing fact files, briefing documents, other written assets and sourcing relevant photo and video assets. After identifying the most relevant media to the subject, Torque successfully invited journalists from automotive, engineering and sustainability media to the presentation.

The results

Many media outlets were receptive to the invitation, with the concept of a digital press conference received positively, owing to the ease of access in joining remotely and the access to senior executives. The number of media that attended the webinar far exceeded the projected amount, and those unable to attend were supplied with assets after the presentation, including a recording of the presentation itself. Journalists that joined the press conference were offered follow-up interviews with key Tata Steel spokespeople after the event.

The news spread far and wide, notably further than if the announcement were capped at distribution by press release. The digital press conference solution is low-cost, easy to access and adaptable method of presenting news that has so far secured a broad range of coverage for Tata Steel.

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.