Five-star camping

Occasionally, even we’re surprised by our clients’ requests.

Back in 2011, we were challenged to come up with a way of entertaining 100 VIP guests over a festival weekend, at short notice, we came up with the idea of an American-style RV. Well, several of them … and put them squarely in the centre of the campsite.

In doing that, we created a relaxed, convivial, family atmosphere, away from the usual corporate event… And naturally, added the five-star hospitality and entertainment.

Want some facts? It takes a team of seven onsite and three months to pull together. We bring 18 RVs into a dedicated area of some 7,000 square metres and we entertain around 180 people each year.

Now in its seventh year, you could say the format has been a success!

It's OK, I don't think anyone will notice us!

It's OK, I don't think anyone will notice us!