Introducing the Rodin FZED

When Rodin wanted to relaunch the Lotus T125 as the Rodin FZED, they came to Torque for assistance. It was important to Rodin to show how far the car’s development had come and how it paves the way for Rodin to become a road car manufacturer.


We developed an integrated media relations and advertising strategy to introduce the FZED to media. This included an initial  closed-door media briefing with Rodin founder, David Dicker. We followed this up with a series of media visits to New Zealand, for journalists to undertake Rodin’s driver development programme and drive the FZED.


The introduction of the Rodin FZED received coverage in all of the major UK automotive publications, and featured in a number of international publications. When Andrew Frankel visited New Zealand for his driving experience, it received more than 6,000 engagements within three days on Twitter and Instagram, before it’s even been published in Motorsport Magazine.