Launching a new range of motor oils

Chevron Lubricants recently launched a new range of commercial vehicle heavy-duty motor oils. The change will align the European market with Chevron’s worldwide Texaco Delo brand, creating a bumper-to-bumper line-up of finished lubricants, including engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and coolant, with international proof of performance.

To support the launch and ensure a frictionless transition, Chevron turned to Torque…

Bespoke communications plans

In close partnership with our global Automotive PR network, we created 12-month communication launch plans for six key European markets, tailored to Chevron’s requirements. The plans included advertising schedules and media buying, all while engaging with internal stakeholders and working closely with Chevron’s digital and marketing agencies.

We hosted a UK media briefing to the commercial vehicle press, coordinating with our global network across Europe to host five similar events. Among the press content were news releases, features, technical Q&As and images. The UK event was filmed and additional footage featuring the technical Q&A created. We also generated internal communication material for Chevron-owned channels to support the brand change.

Content and activity to follow the launch included a series of short instructional videos for social media and online, filmed with a prominent truck test driver to give advice on European driving, coupling, aerodynamics and fuel saving.

Strong results

The press event was well attended not only in the UK, but also across Europe, resulting in coverage in the major commercial vehicle publications. We created a communications plan to ensure Chevron distributors were fully informed, coordinating at every step with Chevron’s partner agencies for a smooth shift to the new product line up throughout Europe.