Launching the UK’s first electric vehicle factory

Thank you all for your energy, creativity and powerful work for our plant opening. The coverage is great, all of the events were superb and we achieved a lot for this great company.

Frank Klaas, Head of Communications, Geely International

When Geely Automotive wanted to create the highest profile showcase for their new electric vehicle factory, they came to Torque…

But bringing 400 people into the facility for the day is no mean feat! Our logistics team managed the invitations, RSVP and guest relations, for international media, VIPs and over 300 invited guests from five countries, including a VIP group from China.

And making sure those 400 people got a show worth their trip was the job of our production team! With a crew of 40, we transformed an area of the factory in two days, into a bespoke auditorium, orchestrating a live show that included a cameo appearance of the yet-to-be-revealed new electric taxi.

Our attention to detail knew no bounds, from sourcing six pairs of golden scissors, to creating the correct menus and knowing exactly how many steps from the front door to the main event…

The official opening event that we designed and delivered was broadcast around the world and put the UK’s first dedicated electric vehicle factory firmly on the map.