Drawing a crowd for a new Lotus

It’s not often you get a brief to devise the entire launch of a product – from the messaging, to the media and the launch event.

The ultra-rare, extreme sportscar, the Lotus 3-Eleven, was just that, for Torque.

Taking an outline brief from the client, we devised the launch messaging and developed a campaign based on the extreme nature and specialist capability of the car – with the hashtag #itsnotforyou.

The campaign ran across traditional media and social, with a photo-based tease campaign across social channels, giving a hint of what was to come.

For the actual launch, we extended the theme by creating a ‘wild animal’ crate that we transported to the car’s launch, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed – tweeting its progress past key landmarks.

On the day, we constructed a crate on the Lotus stand from which the car could appear on cue, to the crowds – driven by Group Lotus CEO, Jean-Marc Gales.

Torque was creative and innovative within our budget constraints, delivering everything asked of them, and more.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO, Group Lotus plc

Client: Lotus Cars
Location: UK
Date: July 2015