LOTUS: Handmade in Hethel

With an unrivaled legacy of innovative engineering and attention to detail, Lotus is justifiably proud of its 400 highly skilled workers who hand build every car that leaves the factory in Hethel, Norfolk.

This passion and a history of manufacturing at the site founded by Colin Chapman in 1966 is an intrinsic part of Lotus’ brand, and when the company wanted to capture this for a worldwide audience it turned to Torque.

Our concept was to tell this story in a short film, following every stage of the build process, from the bare chassis to the finished cars awaiting final inspection. We spent a week capturing the team as they build Lotus’ latest cars, from the ground up.

The resulting film has been used as part of Lotus’ marketing, shared with Lotus’ worldwide dealer network and used to great effect on social media, helping show the truly bespoke nature of every Lotus built.