Getting physical with new Defender

Attention-grabbing content and exhibits.

To bring to life launch stories, we work with a specialist engineering partner to craft show-stopping models, from the cars and components themselves.

Designed, hand-built and skilfully engineered from scratch.

These are a great option if you have a launch, reveal, or want to create stand-out content.


Each exhibit is a new creative challenge!

Each exhibit is a new creative challenge!

Our most recent opportunity was for the new Land Rover Defender -- our brief was to show its incredible physical capabilities in one exhibit: strength, efficiency, drive and articulation.

Here's how we did it...


Before the first panels are cut or painted, our CG imaging and CAD capability allows us to generate photo-realistic images of our design ideas, from any angle, for informed approvals.

Agreeing the design is critical, before any construction work can begin.  All work is done strictly to the agreed designs.

In most cases, a full vehicle exhibit starts with an actual vehicle.  We don’t use all of it, but it makes the best possible start.


The first step in building any exhibit is taking it apart.  The donor vehicle is fully stripped so the fundamental components can be selected, prepared and sectioned.

All metals and materials are taken back to their base surfaces, then prepared according to the agreed finish.

This work is all done by hand, by specialist craftspeople, including a dedicated paint shop that can match any colour.


Several layers of paint are applied to even the smallest parts, ready for scrutiny under show lights.  Even the nuts and bolts are chromed!