Putting RM Sotheby’s Youngtimer Collection into the spotlight

RM Sotheby’s – a world-renowned classic car auction house and long-standing client for Torque – secured the sale deal for an assembly of 140+ cars from the same owner, labelled the Youngtimer Collection. The auctioneers would split the large consignment over several sales around the world and needed a way to maximise publicity.


Tapping into an extensive list of valuable contacts, Torque offered Top Gear presenter, Chris Harris, chance to visit the site where the cars were stored in Switzerland. Harris took this opportunity to film a video for Top Gear’s YouTube platform, a go-to site for car enthusiasts. Torque arranged logistics before, during and after Harris’ visit.


The video was hosted on Top Gear’s YouTube channel, achieving 1 million views in a week and going on to reach 2 million views, with further engagement through Top Gear’s social media channels. The video was heralded by RM Sotheby’s as an excellent piece of publicity that they showed at auctions, and would eventually result in millions of dollars’ worth of sales across a number of auctions.