Offering ice all year round at Test World

Test World, a tyre and vehicle testing facility based in Ivalo, northern Finland, and owned by Millbrook Group, made a substantial investment in its facilities. Torque was briefed to host a media launch for the new indoor testing centre that allows for controlled ice and snow driving all year round. 


We drew up a list of relevant media, ranging from specialist testing, tyre and engineering press, through to automotive consumer and even video filming crews for a diverse spread of coverage. Torque identified and invited a preferred list of  journalists to attend the opening event, and worked with the international Test World team to refine a program of events, a schedule and other considerations for the launch event. For the long journey into the Arctic Circle, Torque flew to Finland with the UK-based journalists and made sure their trip went without a hitch. 


The opening event achieved excellent coverage results, reported in a number of formats by the broad range of media selected by Torque to attend. From news pieces, to full features, to video pieces, the new facilities at Test World were portrayed very positively. As a follow-up, Torque travelled back to Finland with journalists from Autocar later in the year. The car magazine wanted an alternative angle – of indoor cold weather testing in the summer – so Torque facilitated its request, resulting in more in-depth, feature-length coverage.