Building a dialogue between FlexiFleet and its customers

Recognising the emerging trend towards vehicle ‘usership’, Thrifty positions its FlexiFleet brand as an alternative to long-term vehicle leasing or ownership. In order to communicate the key benefits of the service to customers and the media, the company needed a fresh approach that was creative and dynamic.


We built a strategy that was anchored in customer communications. This activity was supplemented by Torque’s ‘traditional’ PR support in the form of media relations and feature writing, but the main focus was opening a consistent dialogue with existing and potential customers to improve retention and brand loyalty, drive enquiries and stimulate lead generation for the sales team.

The output of this strategy included drafting, designing and sending monthly customer e-newsletters, drafting thought leadership content for Thrifty’s MD to share on LinkedIn, devising social media campaigns and competitions, setting up a brand advocate scheme, designing and producing promotional flyers and securing feature content in relevant publications.



After three months of the customer communications campaign, the database of ‘opted in’ customers had more than trebled (from 700 to 2,200), while the e-newsletters had an average open rate of over 62% (compared to an industry average of 27%) and an average click rate of 12% (compared to an industry average of 4.2%). These developments in customer communications were reflected in an increased sales pipeline, more online quote creations, and Thrifty enjoying its best ever month of enquiries by completely new customers.