David Brown Automotive has celebrated its fifth year of successful luxury car production by revealing a short documentary named ‘David Brown Automotive: History In The Making’.

The film traces David Brown’s prolific business journey as a serial entrepreneur, having started over 30 businesses and grown David Brown Automotive to an established international manufacturer of bespoke, hand-built cars. Today, the coachbuilder makes the Speedback GT, Speedback Silverstone Edition and Mini Remastered.

Ever-expanding customer base

Founded in 2013, the company works with over 70 British-based suppliers, employs over 40 staff and also offers student internships. David Brown Automotive serves owners of any of its three luxury car models in 17 nations across the world, including countries as far away as Japan, Australia and the USA.

Commenting on the company’s important milestone, David Brown stated:

“Over the past five years, David Brown Automotive has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to the ongoing hard work of our growing team, we can consider ourselves amongst the best in the luxury automotive industry. I am very lucky to have around me a talented team of people in every aspect of our company’s business. We are also lucky to have some great suppliers that we work with, people with real heritage and skills, craftsman skills.”

Varied model range

The Speedback GT was launched in 2014 as the company’s first product to realise David’s vision for a classically-inspired Grand Tourer. The car combines modern refinement and technology with a design that recalls the golden era of British automotive manufacturing. The success of Speedback GT led to David Brown Automotive reimagining one of the world’s most successful cars of the 21st century. Launched last year, the Mini Remastered uses modern technology and luxury handcraftsmanship to revive one of the all-time-great motoring designs. Most recently, to mark the anniversary of moving to its new Silverstone headquarters, David Brown Automotive launched the Speedback Silverstone Edition, its most performance-focused model to date.

To watch the full interview:

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.