Say hello to Dija Mulla, our new Social Media Manager. She brings with her five years of social media marketing experience, working across brands like Gocycle, TUI Group and Schwarzkopf (and heaps of enthusiasm to boot!).

Here are some questions to get to know her better…

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I love writing stories. I’ve written stories since I was a kid. I remember working really hard on a story about a tiger escaping from London zoo and then saving a baby from a fire (I was 10 years old okay!). As a grown-up, I now have a short story blog where I occasionally post short stories when inspiration strikes.

What made you want to work in digital?

I’ve always wanted to work in marketing, mainly to get a chance to play with words and stories. And over the years I’ve found that digital and social media is definitely the industry for me! It’s so wonderfully diverse. The creative possibilities are endless with social media, and the analytical and reporting side keeps the job grounded. We’re at a very special time in marketing. Brands now have a chance to have a two-way conversation with customers through social media and I find that very exciting.

What is your favourite recent digital campaign?

The KLM emoji chatbot on Facebook messenger was heaps of fun! Launched last year, it was a really fun way for the brand to play with an aspect of social media everybody loves (emojis) and integrate it with an emerging trend (chatbots). You send their chatbot an emoji, like the burger emoji, and the bot will then show you the nearest burger bars in your area. It’s especially useful when you’re travelling abroad and not familiar with the area. It was such a playful campaign, which showed the brands creative side but also helped promote their more serious chatbot (which lets you get your booking confirmation and flight details directly in Facebook messenger).

I also really loved the ‘Meet Vee’ campaign by Vayner Media. They wanted to show their prospects that they were a key player in the voice and AI field. So they integrated the Amazon Echo Dot, direct mail, video and social media to create an epic campaign. They created their own AI voice called ‘Vee’ which they made by blending all the voices of their employees. They then mailed out some Amazon Echo Dots to their clients which when opened, gave a warm greeting in the Vee voice.

They then posted a series of promotional videos about Vee on social media, including videos where Vee corrected people’s punctuation. It was such a clever campaign which integrated a lot of different channels together. It’s also a brilliant example of a B2B brand having fun and showing off their creative side.

What’s your top 2018 social media trend to look out for?

Augmented reality for sure. The technology has been improving rapidly and all the main social channels are not getting involved with AR. Some brands are also starting to experiment with is as well. The Museum of Modern Art in New York’s app now has some cool AR features where you can hover your phone over some paintings to see hidden artwork overlaid on top. IKEA have their Place app which lets you drop true to scale furniture into your home to see what it looks like with the items in your home you already own. It’s definitely one to watch!

Tea or coffee?

I’m a Yorkshire girl at heart so I definitely tea… and it has to be Yorkshire tea!