Strengthening our digital services, we’ve welcomed Emily Medd to our team, as Social Strategist.

A seasoned consultant, she’s already shaping how a broad mix of our brand clients talk to their audiences.

To settle her in, we asked her five quick questions that share some of her insight…

What’s your favourite recent digital campaign? 

In early 2017, Spotify launched a campaign that saw them implementing user data into their advertising. The idea centred around bizarre playlist names that users have created, such as ‘Global Warming is real…let’s dance’ and teaming up with the artists included to create short, engaging videos that make users feel valued by the company. Absolutely loved it!

More recently, Formula 1 took their first step towards expanding their social media strategy by inking a major digital, commercial partnership with Snapchat.

The weekend saw F1 editorially curate Snaps generated by attendees and pit teams to serve live, ‘in the moment’ content to millions of users worldwide. Another example of a huge brand expertly showing how user data can aid and elevate marketing efforts.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

My answer to this question changes as frequently as the platforms do. This month it’s Twitter, next month their algorithm will change again and I’ll favour something else.

What most excites you about working in the automotive sector?

Firstly, brushing up on my automotive lingo!

Secondly, I’m extremely excited to see the impact digital marketing can have across the vast range of brands Torque represent, from Bosch’s leading innovation in engineering all the way through to established heritage companies like Lotus.

What’s your top 2018 social media trend to look out for?

Along with more and more expert examples of brands rolling user generated content into their digital strategy, OTT messaging apps such as WhatsApp Facebook Messenger, Viber and WeChat will continue to grow and dominate audience’s time in 2018.

Posing an interesting challenge for brands trying to engage with groups of consumers who increasingly prefer the personal touch of a private message to blanket ads and tweets.

What’s the best tool for evaluating social media content?

A Custard Cream, dunked in a cup of Yorkshire Tea for 7 seconds.

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