Torque is creative and innovative, delivering everything asked of them, and more.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO, Group Lotus plc


It’s always been true that content is king and we craft content in all its forms – words, pictures, film and animation – to tell great stories. With our team of writing experts and in-house creative studio, we can both script and visualise, using film, CGI and digital animation, for all channels and platforms.


The Torque team includes experts of the written word, with track records in journalism and PR. We create copy for a wide range of purposes – from news and feature stories, to brochures, presentations, speeches and films scripts.

Digital Content

Video is more usable than ever, in digital environments and our in-house capability covers CAD and CGI, Motion graphics, to full film post-production. We can also shoot original film, to any budget or scale.


If you need to stick to the printed word, we can also write and design for print, from basic infographics to full brochures and documents.



Our specialist in-house events team delivers to a global scale, devising and running all types of event and with a full-service capability.


We design all aspects of our events, including full technical plans and 3D CAD renders, while our logistics team devises all our guest programmes and itineraries.


From sets and staging, to lighting and technical, we manage all aspects of event production and we’re always looking at the next big technologies to enhance live experiences.


To make every event the best it can be, you need to look at it from the guest’s perspective – and that’s the job of our logistics team, ensuring the right experience all the way through, from invitation to departure.



Telling great stories often means working with and creating for media, whether that’s social platforms, or traditional magazines. And we work with automotive media every day, to achieve cut-through for our clients.


Getting the best stories across involves using the right channels, in the right way. Where do you need to be seen and what do these media need? That’s all part of our strategic advice and planning.


You may be taking your first steps into social media, or have a whole Twitter team; we’ve helped in both situations, to provide strategy, focus and content, to social media campaigns.

Media Relations

Whether you need your brand ‘in the news’, require some interview training, or just want to understand how to make an impact, our PR experts can help, from the most sophisticated strategy, to a humble news release, announcement or photo moment.

That’s what we do, now see how we do it!

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