From the mighty Millennium Falcon to Anakin’s super fast Podracer, it’s safe to say the Star Wars universe has some of the coolest and most imaginative vehicles. To celebrate Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you!), Team Torque have compiled a list of our favourite fictional vehicles. What’s your favourite fictional car? Tell us on Twitter @torqueagency

Belle’s favourite: The Ferrari 308 GTB from Magnum PI

“I was lucky enough to grow up in the 80s when every show seemed to feature the very coolest cars. Don Johnson’s Ferrari Testarossa in Miami Vice, Bo and Luke racing around in their Dodge to escape the law in the Dukes of Hazard, and of course the amazing KITT from Knight Rider.  If I have to have a favourite though, it has to be the Ferrari 308 GTB driven by Tom Selleck in Magnum PI.”

– Belle, Group Director

Tim’s favourite: Mr Bean’s Mini

“My favourite fictional car would have to be Mr Bean’s green Mini. It’s just such an iconic model in such a classic British comedy. Of all its great moments, surely the best was when Mr Bean strapped his armchair to the roof and controlled the pedals and steering with a mop and string. That’s innovation for you.”

– Tim, Junior Account Executive


Image from Flickr, posted by Nathan Wong. CC BY 2.0.

Alex’s favourite: Micky the MG

“Micky the MG was the protagonist of my favourite childhood book of the same name. The story of how this plucky MG TC was ‘rescued’ from being sold by his owner helped turn me into a life-long MG fanatic, and make it almost impossible to ever sell any of my own cars.”

– Alex, Account Director


Image from Amazon.

Rebecca’s favourite: The car from the country that no longer exists on The Simpsons

“There have been so many great cars on The Simpsons… The snow plough that started Homer’s Mr Plow business. The car Homer designed himself that sent his long lost brother into bankruptcy. Snake’s car that should only be run on premium. But for me, I think the one that tops them all is the car from the country that no longer exists. During Homer’s test drive from Crazy Valclav’s cars you can see him in a tiny car with his knees next to his ears, nose to the steering wheel and being told to “put it in H”. And with a fuel efficiency of 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene, what’s not to love?”

– Rebecca, Senior Account Executive


Image from

Henry’s favourite: The Batmobile

“One of my favourite film cars is actually up for grabs next week. What would you give to park the original Batmobile on your driveway? One of our clients, RM Sotheby’s, will auction off the 1966 Batmobile Recreation at its Auburn Spring sale and it could fetch as much as $230,000. This particular car travelled around the USA to promote the original Batman films. As a car’s history goes, that’s pretty cool!”

– Henry, Account Manager

Libby’s favourite: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Why? What’s not to like about the kooky lovechild of what appears to be a 1960’s Riva yacht, World War One fighter plane and a vintage F1 car? At first glance, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang almost looks like an ordinary motorcar, but allow your eye to linger a moment longer and you’ll notice wings hidden in the running boards, a chassis mounted hovercraft skirt, an ejector sear with a built-in parachute, two perky propellers and a perfectly polished boat deck. She’s the mechanical manifestation of a wild imagination and the roads she travels are dictated by her driver’s dreams. Fantasmagorical indeed!”

– Libby, Senior Account Manager

Dija’s favourite car: The Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter

“Possibly the coolest car mods in the world! It can fly, it can turn invisible, and if you’re ever being chased by giant spiders, it’ll fly to the rescue! This ordinary Ford Anglia was enchanted by Arthur Weasley and used by Harry and Ron to fly to Hogwarts – one of my favourite moments from the Harry Potter books. Imagine flying around the clouds with your best friend in a Ford!”

– Dija, Social Media Manager


Image from Amazon.

Tom’s favourite: The Wallace and Gromit Anti-Pesto Van

“The Wallace and Gromit Anti-Pesto van based on the 1950s Austin A35 Van is definitely my favourite. It just looks utterly charming, the perfect companion for popping down the shops on a Sunday morning to grab a fresh loaf of bread.”

– Tom, Junior Account Executive


Image from 30 Squares of Ontario.

Amy’s favourite: The 1966 Ford Thunderbird from Thelma & Louise

“Ooh such a difficult choice, there’s so many to choose from. The DeLorean from Back to the Future is definitely up there! Lady Penelope’s car from Thunderbirds, KITT from Knightrider, the Aston Martin from Skyfall… but I’m going to go with my heart and choose the 1966 Ford Thunderbird from Thelma & Louise.”

– Amy, Senior Account Manager


Image from Paste Magazine.