Celebrity Havoline brand ambassador Freddie Hunt has swapped high velocity for video interviewing prominent figures from Formula One. As part of his soon to be released ‘Freddie Meets…’ interview series, the son of notorious F1 Racing Driver, James Hunt, has gained exclusive, all-access audiences with a number of revered greats from the prestigious motorsport.

The ‘Freddie Meets’ interview series, promises to provide exciting insight into the adrenallin fuelled sport, along with untold stories about James, who passed away in 1993, aged 45.

Bernie Ecclestone

Freddie Hunt interviews Bernie Ecclestone

The interview series commenced with Formula One pioneer, and business magnate Bernie Ecclestone.

Raised from humble beginnings, Bernie quickly gained a reputation as a shrewd negotiator, starting his empire with motorcycle trading, before moving onto dealerships and lucrative real estate development. Joining F1 in 1957 as manager to racing driver, Stuart Lewis-Evans, such was his ambition by 1971 Bernie had agreed to purchase Brabham race team for £100,000.

Numerous strategic business decisions, like establishing Formula One Promotions and Administration to negotiate television contracts for the Grand Prix, helped cement Bernie’s position as public figurehead for the globally renowned motorsport.

Lord Hesketh

Freddie Hunt interviews Lord Hesketh

The youngest man ever to start his own Formula One team. In 1972, at the sprightly age of 22, Lord Hesketh formed Hesketh Racing. The Lord’s brief motorsport career is one of legend, partly thanks to Hesketh being the person responsible for giving F1 bad-boy James Hunt his big break.

It’s perhaps the team’s ‘Playboy antics’ off track which made them most famous. Renowned for arriving at races in Rolls-Royces, or private yachts, and swilling gallons of champagne during wild post-race parties, many doubted the seriousness of the team. The tale ended in 1975 when Lord Hekseth announced he could no longer afford to keep solely funding Hesketh Racing, and by 1976 Hunt signed to McLaren.

What’s certain, is this interview is set to reveal lots of vivid, astonishing stories. Lord Hesketh we salute you

One more celebrity interviewee …

Yes that’s right Freddie will shortly interview one more Formula One great. The question is who?

The entire ‘Freddie Meets’ interview series will be uploaded to the Torque website very soon, watch this space.




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