We’ve seen so many changes happening on social media in June. A new player takes on YouTube, a new social network calls for journalists’ attention and LinkedIn tries to improve your work place culture.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in social media in June.


Instagram takes on YouTube with IGTV

Possibly the biggest social media news story is from Instagram, who launched a long form video app called IGTV. Users can access it through the normal Instagram app, or through a standalone app called IGTV. If you’re a regular Instagram user, you may have seen it already. For those of you who haven’t, you will first need to update your Instagram app and then you’ll see a new TV shaped button appear at the top of your Instagram.

So, what is IGTV?

It’s Instagram’s answer to YouTube. The platform realised that the younger generation spend as much time on YouTube as they do watching regular television – this generation were born in a world where YouTube already existed right from the beginning. Instagram now wants to cater for their video needs as well (and take some of YouTube’s ad revenue!).

IGTV features full screen vertical videos that are up to an hour long. Instagram has noticed that users are more engaged when they watch YouTube videos. They watch them with the sound on in, and in most cases, watch them to the end.  This is much different to the behaviour seen on Instagram and Facebook, where people watch videos on mute and for shorter times.

Facebook has for a long time shown graphs of incomplete video views on videos longer than a minute and ask advertisers to use shorter videos instead. IGTV videos are different. They can be up to an hour long, they’re vertical, and users view them on full screen, so there’s no distractions. Learn more about it here.

Reddit introduces a news tab for mobile

Reddit, the anonymous social network, is starting to get more recognition in mainstream media. It’s been around since 2005 and has been slowly growing its dedicated user base ever since. Reddit describes itself as the front page of the internet, and is often where memes and viral videos are first posted. Recently, however, users have turned to it to stay up to date on news stories. Reddit has a strong global user base and it’s also anonymous, so users can post stories of a more sensitive nature freely. When something newsworthy happens, users can, wherever they are, post first-hand accounts of it. Users also start live news threads that keep people updated during events or disasters. For example, a live thread for the recent London terror attacks kept users informed all over the world about what was happening in the capital, with personal accounts being posted by Londoners who were there.

On a lighter note, users also gather together to discuss television programmes and other events happening live, for example the Royal Wedding, the FIFA World Cup and even Love Island.

Users also regularly post news links into subreddits – dedicated groups centred around certain topics. For example, there is a UK subreddit where users share the latest news stories happening in the UK, and then have a discussion about it.

A news tab was therefore a no-brainer for the creators of Reddit. It’s currently being tested in beta on the Reddit mobile app, where users can customise the news stories they want to see. The news stories are categorised so that users can filter them as they please. Read more.


LinkedIn released a report about workplace culture

LinkedIn has released a report looking at the key to hiring and keeping new talent. The main takeaway from the report was the importance of workplace culture. According to LinkedIn, 70% of professionals in the US today would not work at a leading company if it meant that they had to tolerate a bad workplace culture – to the point where they would rather have a lower salary than deal with a negative workplace environment.

As part of its report, LinkedIn offers advice on how employers can improve their workplace culture. It found that investing in employees, maintaining values and creating a culture of belonging were the most important factors for creating a positive workplace. LinkedIn claim most employees care less about free food and a games room, and prefer benefits like training and philanthropical opportunities instead. Read the report here.


LinkedIn Kudos – a new way to thank employees

A little appreciation goes a long way. According to LinkedIn, seven out of ten employees who receive appreciation for their work say they’re happy with their jobs. It noticed lots of users thanking each other and recognising good work, and so it has rolled out a new feature, making it easier for users to appreciate one another.

The feature is called Kudos, and is available on the LinkedIn app. Users can choose from ten kudos categories, such as ‘Team Player,’ ‘Amazing Mentor,’ or ‘Inspirational Leader,’ and then tag an employee they want to thank. Read more.

Facebook introduces a snooze button to avoid spoilers

Facebook is giving you a little more control to your newsfeed. Users can now automatically hide posts that contain certain keywords. Facebook is saying it’s a way for users to avoid spoilers. For example, a user could snooze keywords relating to a television show to avoid key plot points being revealed to them too early without their control. However, the feature could also be used to filter out topics that users don’t want to see in their feeds. For example, racism or politics.


The feature will be gradually rolled out on the Facebook mobile app, starting with select users. Learn more.


You can now see what ads a business is running on Facebook

Facebook is increasing transparency for users and letting them see information such as when a business changes its name on Facebook. They can also see all of the adverts the business is running on the platform. Facebook claims it is to increase accountability for advertisers and to prevent abuse, which is something we predicted in our May social news roundup.

Once the feature has been rolled out, users will be able to simply visit any Facebook page, click on a new ‘Info and Ads’ button and see the ads a Page is running across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and its partner network, even if those ads aren’t targeted at them.

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg believes the changes won’t affect ad revenue and that advertisers are aware of the changes. While some of them have expressed concerns about competitors seeing their advertising, the majority of them are on-board. Read more.

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.