Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has established one of the largest databases of industry professionals in history. Now at 645 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is expanding its advertising capabilities by introducing several new tools.

From a marketing viewpoint, the new tools will help advertisers focus their campaigns to reach the right people at the right companies to inspire action.

Let’s take a further look at the new features…

New audience forecasting

LinkedIn has expanded its audience forecasting tools within its ad creation flow, by making it easier to see who your ad campaign will reach, based on your entered parameters. This gives marketers more specific insight into the industries they’ll be reaching with their campaign.

Additionally, the extra insight will help better focus LinkedIn ad campaigns onto the people you most want to connect with. The more knowledge of who you’re reaching, the better targeted your ad campaign messages will be.


Boolean logic

According to LinkedIn, Boolean logic is one of the most requested ad targeting features to date. Boolean targeting allows marketers use ‘and/or’ qualifiers to further refine targeting, making it one of the easiest and most effective qualifiers for large data sets.

With Boolean, you can use a single campaign to reach people who are directors at any job function, as well as people in finance roles of any seniority, giving you greater flexibility to determine the kinds of professionals who see your ads.

LinkedIn has put together a video on how Boolean logic works:

Better demographic reporting 

LinkedIn is also developing its demographic reporting options, equipping marketers with more specific insight into exactly who is responding to ad campaigns. According to LinkedIn, demographic reporting has been one of its most popular features, however, it’s making its reporting feature even better by allowing you to see which audiences are watching your video ads, filling out your lead gen forms and opening your Sponsored InMail messages.

These new tools will be beneficial for LinkedIn advertisers, facilitating advanced ad tracking and performance measurement to improve ad campaign performance and understanding.

This story was written by Social Media specialists at Torque Agency Group.