Millbrook recently hosted a RoadEfficiency LIVE driving event for Mercedes-Benz Trucks, putting its extensive tracks and large venue space to great use. The event, which has been run for three consecutive years, welcomed customers and dealers to Millbrook to test the latest vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks range.

Delegates were split into four groups each day and rotated through a safety presentation in Millbrook’s Concept 1 venue, a city driving course focussing on manoeuvrability, an off-road course and a tour across the High Speed Circuit to test Active Brake Assist.

Putting the range to the test

Each day included a test of the vehicles’ range capability, giving customers the chance to drive the vehicles around a set course. The event saw a demonstration of the new electric truck – the FUSO eCanter.

The team brought FuelChallenger vehicles to the event. These Actros 2545s went out on a 5.5mile / 15 minute route from Concept 1, including Loops 1 and 2 of the Hill Route and one lap of the High Speed Circuit. Attendees were challenged to maximise their fuel consumption, with a prize for the highest mpg of each day.

In addition, delegates were walked through the Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ CASE strategy and given an insight into what the future holds for the company.

We have built up a great relationship with the Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK team and it was a pleasure to have them onsite with customers and dealers. Millbrook is unique in what it can offer to those looking to organise automotive events that require track use alongside blank-canvas event space. We are delighted that the team has had such positive feedback from the event.

Kevin Leaver, Head of Events at Millbrook

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.