It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach has been decreasing for a while, and their new algorithm has now made it trickier than ever to ensure your content gets the viewing time it deserves. However, Facebook has made several inferences in their official press release about what brands can do to increase audience reach on the platform.


1. Live videos

Under the new Facebook algorithm, videos are still a favourite with audiences. Live videos, however, are even more favoured. Zuckerberg wrote that “live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – In fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”


2. Avoiding engagement bait

Facebook says, “using ‘engagement-bait’ to goad people into commenting on posts is not a meaningful interaction, and we will continue to demote these posts in News Feed.”

Engagement bait is spammy and robotic, and users don’t like it. In an attempt to increase meaningful interaction, Facebook is taking action against so-called ‘engagement bait’, where publishers ask users to vote, like or share a post in the hope that it will gain more screen time.


3. Build community groups

Community groups highly encourage audience engagement. In Facebook’s official press release, Adam Mosseri says, “In groups, people often interact around public content. Local businesses connect with their communities by posting relevant updates and creating events.”

Facebook’s community groups are a great place for brands to share relevant content that matter to their communities. Audiences are able to join groups of like-minded individuals where they’re heard and valued. They provide a more personal engagement, and encourage open and transparent discussions, through polls and more.


4. Create meaningful content

Since Facebook’s aim is to keep ‘meaningful content’ at the top of everyone’s news feed, it would only be right to create content that actually matters to your audience. But how do you do this? By researching your audience, sharing surveys and regularly checking your analytics.

Quality content should add value to your audience. How does your content impact your followers? Imagery and captions are also important factors in engagement as they spark emotion in your followers. Asking questions is also another way to prompt engagement from followers.


5. Invest in Facebook advertising

With the decline of organic reach, Facebook ads are now more of a priority for brands and businesses. Facebook advertising campaigns are built around (and for) specific audiences, giving brands and businesses maximum visibility at a minimum cost.

As a brand, you want to target the right audiences to ensure that you get the most out of your ads. Boosting posts is a great way to get more out of your advertising budget. Not only do you reach more of your followers, but it will also help you reach those outside your target market.


6. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is on the rise and is a popular trend among start-up brands and businesses. Who is an influencer? An influencer is an individual that actively uses social media and, as a rule, these individuals are well-known or have a significantly large following.

Getting an influencer to share your content with their followers could very well lead to increased exposure, engagement and followers. If the post is coming from someone audiences trust, it appears more authentic.

Facebook also notes that it will show more posts from “publishers the community finds trustworthy.”


7. Go local!

Facebook has stated that local news would be prioritised, and this is great for publishers and businesses that already work from this angle.

As a global brand, you may want to try narrowing in on different geographical areas every now and then. Ways in which you can do this include promoting events in specific cities or publishing stories that affect a specific region.


8. Encourage your audience to follow your page

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your audiences to follow your page. If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that Facebook isn’t changing the news feed ability. Users are able to make sure that they always see posts from their favourite pages by choosing the ‘see first’ option in their news feed preferences.


This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.