European media recently visited the Nexteer Automotive facility in Tychy, Poland to see how the company is leading the way when it comes to the development of ADAS technology and new steering systems.

The company, a global leader in intuitive motion control, also used the event to communicate the expansion of its global production capabilities with the announcement of a new facility in Morocco. The 18,000m2 facility will be the company’s first in Africa, with ground to be broken later this month.

While on site at the Tychy plant, media attendees from across Europe met with senior engineers and board members from Nexteer, who took the journalists through how the company is innovating when it comes to the next generation of vehicles. Key developments include the company’s Steer-by-Wire, Quiet Wheel and Steering-on-Demand systems, with full demonstrations of each provided on Nexteer’s dedicated on-site test track.

Previously announced at last year’s IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Nexteer’s High-Availability Electric Power Steering (EPS) and advanced Steer-by-Wire systems enable advanced safety and functions for Level 2-5 automated driving.

What is EPS?

Electric Power Steering uses stored energy from the vehicle’s battery to provide energy-on-demand to assist exactly as it is needed. It is a step up from previous systems, that either relied solely on driver input (manual) or continuous power from the engine (hydraulic).

EPS systems are therefore up to 6% more fuel efficient than a comparable hydraulic system, with an up to 8g/km in carbon emissions.

EPS delivers greater driver comfort through active return and damping, while also allowing multiple driving modes. This also benefits manufacturers, as they can use systems that provide an experience in keeping with their brand.

For autonomous vehicles, EPS allows for the development of active steering functions that give the vehicle lateral movement, in addition to the initial ADAS features that concern the vehicle’s linear movement (stop and go). Examples of these lateral functions include: Park Assist, Lane Departure Warning and Highway Chauffeur.

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.