Promoting the FORS Fleet Management System (FMS)


The challenge

FORS launched FMS, a new fleet management tool. The software allowed FORS to deliver a comprehensive platform that enables complete vehicle, driver and organisation management from the same system. The launch of this software required strategic PR planning to use the platform as another reason to become a FORS member.

How Torque helped

Stripping back a complex product, Torque made the subject language easy to understand and developed a PR campaign that would launch the product in fleet and commercial vehicle press. The FMS product would need to appeal to fleet specialists, so Torque targeted this sector with a series of clear and effective press releases, also managing the effectiveness of the communications plan by ensuring all key media were aware of the news

The result

The FMS software offered by FORS is now an established product for fleet managers, thanks to the success of its launch. Prospective FORS members have another reason to join the campaign, as the software is provided to full members. The launch of the platform was covered by key fleet and commercial vehicle press.  of it, but it makes the best possible start.



January 27, 2021