News just in – and good news at that – the LCV sector has seen its first positive monthly sales growth since January according to the latest figures out from the SMMT. The uplift in LCV registrations has been attributed to ‘pent-up demand and a return to working especially in the construction sector’.

From our own anecdotal experience venturing back to our London Bridge offices over the past month, the general absence of crowds of people in the city is stark. Where once there were constant queues at sandwich outlets, coffee shops and the like, there’s only a handful now even open. And this is where the changing face of logistics will come because if you look around, everything you see was delivered to you via a truck or van at some stage. It’s doubtful there will the hustle and bustle anytime soon in Central London and shops that unfortunately are forced to close will no longer need new deliveries from vans. BUT…home deliveries are where it’s at now, meaning the demand has shifted.

More shops – even some of the small independents – are facilitating online ordering and deliveries. All these shops now need an LCV of some sort to deliver it to your door and that’s good news for our industry. If July’s figures are an indicator, the first building block in the rebuilding process is cemented in.