Earlier this week, Freddie Hunt’s interview with the notable Lord Hesketh was published on the Havoline Europe Facebook page. The video is the first instalment in a three-part series, in which Havoline’s celebrity brand ambassador, Freddie Hunt, sits down with some of the biggest names in motorsport.

To honour 25 years since the passing of his father, British racing legend James Hunt, Freddie gained all-access interviews with influential individuals who worked alongside James. Exclusive videos featuring Bernie Ecclestone and Mika Häkkinen will be hosted on the Havoline Europe Facebook page over the coming weeks.

Hesketh racing

The heir to a huge estate and family fortune, Lord Hesketh became the youngest man ever to initiate his own Formula One team at the age of 22, forming the eponymously named ‘Hesketh Racing’. Hesketh’s brief motorsport career is one of legend, renowned for wild post-race parties and for giving controversial F1 racing driver James Hunt his big break. Hunt’s first F1 win came in 1975, driving the Hesketh 308/2 to victory at the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort.

Tales from the past

In the emotional interview, Lord Hesketh spoke about the discovery of the famed dry line, which was one of the keys to James Hunt’s success. In addition to the important role that James played in the history of British Motorsport.

Reflecting on the intimate conversation, Freddie said: ‘It was an extremely emotional experience for me, however I loved every minute speaking to Alexander and learning more about dad.’

A global audience

The interview has already been viewed 21,000 times and has sparked a positive response from James Hunt fans all over the world. One commented: ‘No better person to give insight to the man your dad was than Lord Hesketh. James was a legend and I’m sure you miss him greatly.’

Freddie’s next interview with Formula One pioneer and business magnate, Bernie Ecclestone, will go online on 17 July 2018. To watch the video and stay up to date with the rest of the interview series, make sure you like the Havoline Europe Facebook here.


This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.