Scottish haulier, Smith of Denny, tried out the new Continental Tyres ContiConnect portal and Yard Reader Station ahead of its introduction to the UK market. The system, which has now been launched, automatically monitors tyre pressures and temperature from trucks leaving and entering an operator’s yard.


Benefits for safety and fleet performance

The wall-mounted Yard Reader Station is fixed into the yard and receives information from each tyre sensor as a truck and trailer passes. It links directly to Continental Tyres’ online management portal, ContiConnect, via GSM, where readings are displayed on screen to flag any problems to the operations manager.

To communicate with the Yard Reader Station, any brand of tyre can be easily fitted with a CPC sensor, mounted on the tyre inner liner inside rubber housing. This ensures continuous measurement of tyre pressure and temperature beneath the tread, at the tyre’s contact point with the road surface. With a snapshot of all vehicle tyre pressures immediately transmitted and uploaded to the dashboard display on the ContiConnect system, fleet operators can see if any tyres are under-inflated or show increasing temperature problems.

We fit CPC sensors to all our tyres, so the Yard Reader Station works across every vehicle we run, and results have been very accurate. Based on tyre life, safety and fleet performance, it’s an investment delivering worthwhile returns. The biggest gains are cost savings and the elimination of downtime. Now, whenever a truck goes out of the yard, we have the information we need to make instant decisions that can prevent a complete tyre failure, save on lost performance from poorly inflated tyres and avoid blow-outs.

Andrew Smith, Director of Smith of Denny

The system offers far more accuracy than a driver’s simple visual check and alerts operators to problems before they become dangerous. For yards where vehicles come and go on a daily of shift basis, it can be even more valuable. Smith of Denny have seen off-site, tyre-related breakdowns reduce dramatically, with perfectly balanced tyre pressures across each rig contributing towards fuel savings and enhanced overall performance.

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.