Twitter rolls out audio only Live-Streams, Instagram adds new ‘Super Zoom’ variants in Stories, Snapchat adds Amazon shop integration and Facebook will now allow pages to join Facebook groups.



Twitter has taken live-streaming one step further this year by launching audio-only live streaming. Making the announcement earlier last month, Twitter said that it would roll out the feature first on iOS, with Android to follow shortly.

Although this feature may come as a new surprise to some users, Twitter is somewhat behind the times. Audio-only streaming has actually been available on Facebook since 2016. But according to Periscope engineer Richard Plom, audio-only streaming is still a highly requested feature. He said: “Broadcasting with audio only in Periscope is something the community has been asking for and have been doing already by covering the camera lens. Sometimes people are not comfortable being on camera, but they still want to broadcast and interact with others via Periscope’s powerful chatroom feature.”

This opens up new opportunities for both content creators and audiences – and it may be worth considering the opportunities that audio-only streams present.



Last month, Instagram added some new Super Zoom variants, giving users more ways to get the most out of their stories.

When the option was initially launched last October, the only zoom tool was the ‘dramatic close-up’. As you can see in the video (above), the Super Zoom option now offers a new range of variations. This feature opens up a lot of creative opportunities for both brands and content creators.



It seems that the eCommerce and social network affiliation continues to broaden speedily.

Last month, Snapchat announced its own in-app shopping feature, which will allow users to shop at any time by simply using their Snapchat camera. In a statement by Snapchat:

Beginning this week, we’re testing a new way to search for products on Amazon right from the Snapchat camera. We’ll be rolling it out slowly, but we wanted to announce it to everyone at the same time. It’s super easy to use. Simply point your Snapchat camera at a physical product or barcode and press and hold on the camera screen to get started.

The announcement comes as good news in many ways, considering that Amazon is already an established, and trusted leader in eCommerce. If Snap’s visual identification tools work reasonably well, and link users through to the relevant items to buy, it could prove to be a big win.


Facebook is now allowing some pages to join Facebook groups, with the opportunity to comment and interact within them as a business page. As explained by Facebook:

We’ve heard from people that engaging with public figures, non-profits, publishers, and businesses in a more intimate setting can be meaningful. We previously launched the ability for Pages to start Facebook Groups so that they can engage with their communities. We are now testing the ability for Pages to join existing Facebook Groups as well.

What does this mean for brands and businesses? Well, being able to interact in groups may provide pages with an alternative way to generate exposure, and to build brand awareness within relevant Facebook communities.


This story was written by automotive PR and social media specialists Torque Agency Group.