Telefónica UK, the parent company of mobile network provider O2, has showcased its latest advancements in 5G technology at a customer community event at Millbrook Proving Ground. Delegates were given the opportunity to experience 5G connectivity and learn more about augmented and virtual reality.

The event took place in Millbrook’s Concept 1 venue, situated at the heart of the 700-acre site, famous for its test tracks and driving experiences. As a new partner in the AutoAir consortium, Telefónica UK is integrating its network with the AutoAir network at Millbrook, so that it can be used to provide access for O2 customers and Millbrook’s private users. The delegates were invited on a tour of the test tracks, including the High Speed Circuit and Hill Route, to experience the private 5G-enabled network on the move.

Millbrook offers customers the opportunity to combine top-grade event facilities with access to private test tracks and deliver unforgettable corporate events. Millbrook tests and validates the latest in vehicle technology, including self-driving cars and electric propulsion systems, which ensures that it has the infrastructure to accommodate cutting-edge demonstrations.

I cannot imagine a better location for our first customer community event. Millbrook’s venue and track facilities are unique in the UK. We had everything we needed to make the event a success and allow our customers to imagine their connected future to drive better business outcomes.

Katy Liddell, Managing Director Enterprise, O2 (Telefonica UK)

This story was written by automotive PR specialists Torque Agency Group.