The ever-evolving trend in visual content on social media platforms continues to be a popular choice for marketers and users online. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Instagram introduce Stories, Highlights and IGTV. Facebook also caught up with the trend by introducing Stories and Watch. In late 2015, Twitter launched Moments in order to close in on its main competitors.

What are Twitter Moments?

Twitter Moments allowed users to curate stories from a range of topics such as Sports, News and Entertainment. At first, only the social network and partners could use it. However, in 2016, the platform widened their target group and gave access to influencers and creators. Shortly after that, Twitter Moments officially became available to all.


What does this mean for brands?

Moments allow brands to create brand stories by easily cumulating, ordering and restructuring organic and promoted tweets. Brands can use Moments to share everyday conversation, build campaign momentum and extend longevity.

Moments are a fresh way for brands to tell stories on Twitter as part of their everyday and campaign strategies.

Here are Twitter’s five tips on how brands can get the most out of Moments…


#1 Build a clear narrative

The secret to a good story is a great narrative. In order for your brand to have a clear narrative structure, it’s important to start by establishing a beginning, a middle and an end.

Using images as dividers is also a great way to form a clear narrative. This creates a clear path for your users as they swipe through.

Here’s a great example from Persil (@persiluk):

#2 Don’t be repetitive

This relates to any kind of storytelling. You need to ensure that every Moment counts. If you begin to drift off from the main narrative, you’ll begin to lose your audience.

Twitter says: “Remember that the user always controls the journey. By adding a Tweet to your Moment, it has to add value to the story – you want to keep the user hooked. If your narrative is exciting and original, you’ll keep them swiping.”

A good example of this is the #BourneMission Twitter Moment by @UniversalPics for the new Jason Bourne movie.

#3 Simple visuals perform best

It is a well-known fact that visuals work better on all platforms. Twitter goes as far to say: “Think carefully about your cover image. Dynamic GIFs, clean and impactful imagery or celebrity talent can all serve as an initial hook to increase interest.”

As well as images, consider using large typography and illustrations, as they can be a great way to highlight key brand messages.

Below is an example of how @Volkswagen achieved this:

#4 The shorter the better

One of the ways that brands are able to keep users engaged is by keeping things short. According to Twitter, “your moment should be snack-able to make it easy for people to consume.”

Twitter advises that brands start by creating titles that are short and intriguing, and try to keep your description under 30 words. Simplicity is key!


#5 Tweet and promote your brand Moment

Lastly, Twitter advises that brands use promoted tweets to amplify their brand Moments: “And of course, you always have the option to share your Moment organically with your followers. Using Pinned Tweets, brands can push their Moment to the top of their timeline to drive further engagement.”

Below is a great example of how @xboxuk recently used a Moment to celebrate the release of #GearsofWar4. The Moment shows a thread of fans using the Twitter Stickers.