20 Years of about:communication – Automotive PR (APR) Germany

In 2021, about:communication, the agency representing Automotive PR Germany, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is taking a walk down memory lane. 20 years of international communications. 20 years of technology & cars. 20 years of expertise for the German automotive market. Thinking back to the beginnings of our agency and the development of the industry during that time is sure to put smiles on our faces – which is why we’d like to share that feeling of nostalgia with colleagues around the world!


As one of APR’s founding members it is not only our own history on which we can look back fondly. Back in 2001, when a:c was founded, we knew that the automotive industry needed a specialised communication network that could support them jointly all over the world. And we were right.


What started in 2010 with 3 partners – the UK, France and Germany – nowadays spans far and wide, with 19 partner agencies covering more than 30 markets on all five continents.


Working with companies of all sizes, we offer a global support system and help our clients localise their communication strategies for each market.


The German perspective


So, what about Germany specifically? The automotive industry has always been by far the most important industry in Germany and one of the most important drivers of innovation globally. Ever since the invention of the first car (by the German Carl Benz), German engineering has been at the forefront of automotive innovation – which is probably the reason ‘typical’ Germans are so very fond of their cars and a clue to why car ownership is still a status symbol in our country.


No wonder then that the German-based bi-annual IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) has historically been the place to go for decision-makers worldwide and the reason most automotive players wanted their share of visibility in this important market.


Today, quite a few things have changed: While Germany is still recognised as one of the core markets for automotive, and German engineering is still highly respected, many people are looking towards China. There, core automotive technologies are being developed and put into practice, especially in the fields of e-mobility and autonomous driving. The motor shows of Shanghai and Beijing are leading the (electric) way more and more, while IAA is reinventing itself at its new home-base in Munich in the South of Germany. We are looking forward to seeing its upcoming premiere in September!


So, there is no time to standstill, not in communications nor in the automotive sector. And this is why a:c would like to invite you on a journey through time – on a German automotive market flashback.


Our “Once Upon a Time”-series leads you through the inventions and innovations of the past 20 years.


So here is our first story: Do you remember a time when car phones weighed up to 20 kilograms and took up all that space in your car’s trunk? As you might have guessed from that question, the first little bit of history that we explore is the car phone and its development to ensure added security and comfort!


All in all, the development of the German automotive market has taught us that change is a skill that is especially needed during times of global transformation and one that will become more and more important in the next 20 years. Then, we’ll take a renewed look down memory lane and explore another 20 years of international communications; 20 years of technology and cars; and 20 years of constantly growing expertise – we hope to see you then.


By Christiane Bourquin, www.aboutcommunication.de