My favourite brands on social media – Euan Antona

It may not come as a surprise that, as a PR working in the automotive industry, I’d safely describe myself as a car enthusiast. Cars, however, are just one small facet of a wider interest in mechanical engineering, design and social history. 

Why are you telling me this, I hear you ask? Well, when I was asked to consider my favourite ‘brands’ on social media, it actually gave me a moment to reflect on how I use the various platforms. I’ve realised that I seek out content that I learn from, which is reflected in the accounts I typically visit. Cars undoubtedly make up a large part of my consumption, but design, engineering, geography and the railways are definitely up there as things I seek out too. 

If you’re into design, it’s worth checking out The Design Museum (@designmuseum). Located off London’s Kensignton High Street, The Design Museum and its social channels unsurprisingly celebrate all things design. If it involves design, you can be sure that at some point, The Design Museum will cover it. Expect architecture, household items, typography, advertising and everything in-between. 

Few accounts rival the National Railway Museum (@nationalrailwaymuseum) for background on the railways past and present. The historian Tim Dunn (@mrtimdunn) is also a great reference point for railway history, as is Geoff Marshall (@geofftech) for the railways as they appear today. 

Combining an interest in cars and design leads you neatly onto the Instagram channel Perfect Spec (@perfect.spec). In short, the account celebrates those who have selected a specification for their car that pushes the boundaries and steers away from the norm. While, of course, it comes down to personal taste, it’s enjoying and appreciating the creativity of others. 

~ Euan Antona, Senior Account Executive