My favourite brands on social media – Roisin Williams

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee while you listen to your favourite song on the way to work. Headphones in and the outside world is blocked on your commute. Now, if you happen to be an avid coffee and music lover, then these two brands I’m about to discuss might be close to your heart.  

  1. Starbucks 
*Image credit: Shutterstock 

When I think about coffee typically Starbucks is the brand that comes to mind, not because I’m an avid coffee fan personally, but because of how they have managed to leverage the essence of community. They continue to market themselves in ways that multi generations can relate to and seem to understand their audience and can connect to them well. The tone of voice that they use allows them to create content that is shareable and provokes discussion. 

2. Spotify 

*Image credit: Shutterstock 

Despite being a loyal Apple Music member, I admittedly appreciate Spotify’s presence on social media because they have managed to create effective campaigns that really include their audience. They have taken their streaming service and transformed into a personalised experience for their users. 

My favourite social media campaign from Spotify was ‘2020 wrapped’. The campaign offered users a summary of the music they’ve listened to over the year, making it interesting to see what musical preferences other people have. They’ve even managed to plug into our national FOMO, when I see the Instagram stories of people I follow with their yearly Spotify round ups. 

It will be really interesting to see what 2021 has to offer for these brands on social media.