What brand I like to follow on social and why – Alex Juggins

Social media can feel like something of a vacuum, where commanding people’s interest is a difficult thing to achieve. These days, the social media rulebook gets re-written seemingly every week, with user expectations changing all the time. But that’s not to say that it can’t be done successfully. For me, those that do it well have a very clear identity and message, they don’t ‘try too hard’, they know what their audience wants, and they give it to them.

With that in mind, the brand that I particularly enjoy following on Instagram is National Geographic (@natgeo). It’s testament to the account’s immense success that, at 171 million followers, it is the most-followed non-celebrity brand on the platform, a cool 10 million followers ahead of the juggernaut that is Nike. 

What makes it so followable? 

The content on @natgeo is derived from the work of over 100 talented photographers from across the world. Naturally, this provides a diverse and authentic bank of content that is never predictable, always thought provoking, and, ultimately, somewhat addictive. 

One of the most unique elements of @natgeo’s posts is that they use the written word to great effect on a platform that is dominated by imagery. The photos are stunning and emotive, sure, but the captions are every bit as powerful. With so much of social media focusing on the quick wins of attention-grabbing imagery and video content, it really is refreshing to see an account finding success with good old-fashioned words.

Perhaps what I like most about this particular brand account, however, is that it is a force for good. There are no gimmicks, no shameless clickbait, just wholesome content. It raises awareness of important global issues like climate change, poverty and inequality. It showcases the world’s most stunning landscapes and far-flung wildernesses. It reminds us of what a beautiful world we are all lucky enough to inhabit and encourages us to take personal responsibility for its future. That’s how it’s done, folks!