1.What do you love most about your chosen career?


There’s lots to love about my job, from the brilliant team I work with and our fab clients, to the dreaded C-word now meaning I can do it from home. But if I had to choose just one thing, it would be that no two days, or more often than not, hours are the same. The digital landscape moves so speedily and although I start each day with a firm plan of action, it’s usually derailed from the moment I sit at my desk. There’s never time to be bored and every day I learn something new.


2. What is your favourite book?


I’m a real bookworm and feel as if I’m being a little unfaithful to all the others in selecting a single title. But it always comes back to Love In The Time Of Cholera by Colombian, Nobel prize winning, literary powerhouse, Gabriel García Márquez. I’m a huge fan of magical realism and like what I read to be character-driven, so to me, it’s perfect.


3. What’s the one kind of food you can’t live without?


Easy. Curry. I really, really love curry. And I really, really don’t want to share. I hate those dinners with friends when one suggests ordering lots of things and sharing. No. It’s my curry. And you’re not having any of it.


4. What’s your go-to activity in your free time?


Reading, tennis and heading outdoors all make my heart sing when I get a spare moment. I hive off an hour or so for them each week. I love walking, sailing and climbing too but struggle to find enough spare time to enjoy them as frequently as I’d like. But we’re off on our annual family pilgrimage to the Lake District next month, where I plan to indulge myself, come rain or shine.


5. What’s the one skill you’d love to learn?


I’d love to speak fluent French. Long-term life plans include a move to the Ardèche, where I’ll surround myself with cats and the countryside, my family and other animals.