Setting POSITIVE goals

Everybody has a different approach to getting the most out of their abilities. In every walk of life, people set out to maximise their potential, whether it’s a student at school, an athlete participating in their sport, or an individual at work. It isn’t always easy however, as many people often struggle to find the right tools or motivation to stay on target.



Working in a busy communications agency is a prime example, days can go by in a flash and working across multiple client accounts at any one time can be challenging, so the benefits of setting yourself achievable objectives can make a world of difference.



Setting daily goals to keep you feeling on top of tasks can help to cut through the noise and allow you to focus on what you’re trying to achieve. This clarity also means you hold yourself accountable; set appropriate deadlines and can easily measure success. In a busy and fast-paced environment like Torque, we find that having clear targets to strive towards can be hugely beneficial.



Although goal setting has the potential to make you more productive than ever, be aware that it can also weigh you down. This is because, all too often, we align our goals with what we already do; if we’re currently late for work on a regular basis, you might make your goal ‘to not be late for work’. That isn’t particularly motivating, is it? Flip that on its head – ‘to be on time for work’ – and all of a sudden, the outlook is much brighter.



The impact of setting positive goals should not be understated. Rather than focusing on what you won’t do, focus on what you will do – the difference is huge! Positive goals are not just clearer, but more motivating, which is essentially the point of setting a goal – to make you want to accomplish it. This desire to achieve your target is what will take you forward and means that small daily steps can give you the encouragement you need to tackle the really big life goals too.