Ollie Funnell

Ollie Funnell

My love for all things automotive dates right back to my childhood. Like many motoring enthusiasts, I owe a lot of it to the Hot Wheels brand – most of my attic space is in fact reserved for scaled-down castings of my favourite cars.


When it came to considering potential careers a few years down the line, I wanted to pursue a path that would allow me to combine my passion for cars and my growing enjoyment of writing. Securing an internship at carwow during sixth form provided some serious food for thought.


With my ambitions firmly fixed on progressing further in the world of automotive journalism, I then decided to enrol at Coventry University to study Journalism. Alongside my studies, I focused much of my attention on DriveTribe, where I was able to begin making a name for myself as a freelance automotive content creator. In relatively short order, I was invited to the company’s exclusive Content Creator Programme.


It wasn’t until my second year of university, however, that I was properly introduced to the idea of a career in PR and communications – but I didn’t need much convincing that it was the best career path for me.


So here I am at Torque, in a role that I know I will enable me to develop my skills further. I am excited to learn everything there is to know about automotive PR, and I feel so fortunate to be part of the Torque family.


Outside of office hours, you’ll normally find me out at sea on a kayak, or behind the virtual wheel of something in Gran Turismo. Oh, and I happen to know a bit about wine, too!