Digital marketing is crucial to help your business succeed online

The Challenge

To ensure your marketing and sales objectives are met you need to drive traffic to your website, build a brand with authority and integrity, and increase lead generation.


How Torque can help

Our first step is to carry out a detailed audit on your current website to identify any areas which need to be optimised.   There are over 200 items on our SEO audit, but the basics of good SEO start here.


Each page of your content should mirror your audience’s search requests, so we work closely with you to make sure this content is as relevant as possible, finding the keywords with the potential to drive traffic to each page on your website.

Backlinks are the next step. Gaining natural backlinks from relevant websites that already have high trust and influence will give you a better chance of being found and help you to stand out above the competition. We can advise on which websites will work best for your audience.



Digital marketing campaigns using pay per click ads can be costly, so it’s essential to optimise your website’s success rate in search results 100% of the time, not just when you have a PPC campaign running. Selecting the relevant keywords and search terms to optimise results, will give you a much higher chance of conversion and a demonstrable return on investment.

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February 18, 2021