RM Sotheby’s

Aston Martin DB3S video shoot for RM Sotheby’s


The challenge

RM Sotheby’s, the world’s largest auction house for investment-quality automobiles, was preparing a PR push ahead of its flagship Monterey auction. As a retained agency for the auction house, Torque had been supporting RM Sotheby’s in announcing the consignment of selected cars to the media, but it was agreed that both parties should go the extra mile to announce that the extremely rare 1953 Aston Martin DB3S, valued with an upper estimate of $10 million, would cross the block in Monterey.


RM Sotheby’s approached Torque to develop a visually impactful and striking video asset for the car, making use of the DB3S’s location in the UK before being flown to the USA to go to auction. With time pressures applied from the car’s incumbent owner, and the short lead time between being commissioned and the video needing to go live before the auction, Torque had to work quickly to produce quality results.


How Torque helped

From the point of being commissioned, Torque began to visualise a highly produced video cut that would reflect the luxury themes of both RM Sotheby’s and the historical and dynamic qualities the multi-million dollar Aston Martin racing car. Torque developed a storyboard and style for the video that was true to other examples of key videos of consigned cars previously exhibited by RM Sotheby’s.


Taking hold of all the logistical considerations, Torque arranged for its specialist automotive film crew and highly-skilled drone pilot to attend a the location, on a date that was convenient for the consignor of the car. While Torque was managing the project for RM Sotheby’s, the agency was also conscious of the considerations that the auction house must observe to satisfy its own clients – in this case, the owner of the car.


Taking a full day to film the car, Torque captured the Aston Martin DB3S on film in the most stunning setting. The lake in the country estate used for filming matched the quintessential English theme subtly evident with the classic Aston Martin. The film crew captured drone footage seldom seen before in any automotive film, in addition to the standard video angles, capturing the DB3S as an elegant and glamorous classic car. The DB3S was shown to be worth every cent of its $10 million estimate.


The results

Working to a limited timeframe, Torque delivered a sensational video ahead of schedule and in within a limited budget. The video was well received by RM Sotheby’s – and the car’s owner – as Torque provided an extended cut as well as a shorter version for social media. RM Sotheby’s deployed the video on its website and on its YouTube channel, with a high frequency of social media posts to follow. The video was also used ‘on the block’ as part of the auction house’s presentation of videos at the Monterey sale.


March 8, 2021