Is SMS marketing right for your business?

In today’s digital age, there are many ways for automotive businesses to reach out to their target audience. As a communications agency with a strong understanding of the sector, we can help you decide which approach (or combination of approaches) work best for your brand.

While traditional PR remains our bread and butter, we’re onboarding more and more clients who are keen to harness a digital-first strategy for their communications.


In short, a digital campaign can be highly targeted, audience-specific, quick, cost-effective and simple to measure when the need to demonstrate a return on investment is paramount. Whether it’s social media, content marketing, email marketing, video or podcasts, at Torque we’re passionate about helping you reach your audience and bring your brand to life. Our understanding of the digital landscape means that whatever your goal, we’ll maximise your return.

And we’re always driving communications forward.

A recent survey revealed 98% of adults in the UK have mobile phones, which undoubtedly explains the boom in Outbound SMS Marketing during 2023. Even the UK government is onboard, investing in the tech as a way of communicating emergency alerts to the population.

So why is SMS marketing suddenly so popular? And can it form part of your business’ communications campaign?

High Open Rates

SMS messages have a high open-rate compared to other forms of marketing. According to statistics, around 98% of all text messages are opened and read within a few minutes of being received. This means that businesses like yours can be sure that their message is being seen by their customers and increasing the likelihood of the message being acted upon.

Instant Communication

SMS marketing allows businesses to communicate with their customers instantly. Unlike emails that may go unopened for days, text messages are read and responded to quickly. This makes SMS marketing ideal for businesses that need to convey time-sensitive information or offers.


Outbound SMS marketing is an incredibly cost-effective communications strategy. The cost per text message is relatively low, and businesses can reach a large number of customers with just a single message.

High Conversion Rates

SMS marketing has been proven to have high conversion rates. According to research, text messages have an average conversion rate of around 45%. This means that almost half of the customers who receive a text message from a business will take some form of action, such as making a purchase or visiting a website.

By utilising SMS marketing as part of your communications strategy, you can be sure of reaching your audience, building stronger customer relationships, and ultimately boosting sales. As mobile phone usage continues to rise, SMS marketing is likely to become even more popular as businesses seek new and innovative ways to engage with their customers.

Reach out to the digital team at Torque today and find out if SMS marketing is the right fit for your business.