What’s the best content to use on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?

Apparently, kittens are one of the most engaged with assets on social media. Admit it, that bespectacled, furry face grabbed your attention, didn’t it? It’s likely it slowed your scrolling (right?!), raised a smile (right?!), and maybe even encouraged you to hit ‘like’ (oh, go on). Such is the power of the content you’re served on your social feed.

As a PR and communications agency, content creation is second nature to the team at Torque. In our hearts we’re writers and we like to tell stories. 

Of course, for those stories to be effective, they need to be told and presented in a way that’s relevant and engaging to the reader. Much like a three-year-old would struggle to read a book written for grown-ups before getting bored, an adult (your customer) faced with information written in the wrong way will do much the same. 

Which is why it’s vital to ensure content promoting your business is targeted to the audience that will be consuming it. When it comes to the sell-in, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ way of doing it. At least, if you want to do it right.

The good news is, when you’re planning to share stories on social media, there’s a platform for every requirement.

But which works best for you and your business?

First of all, it’s best to get to grips with how each platform works. Do you research, sign up, seek out your competitors, look for businesses you like and learn from what you discover. Are their posts being engaged with? Are people liking or commenting? Why? Can you find a pattern? There’s very likely to be one, if you spend time doing your due diligence.

Your company’s success on social media hinges on the strength of your content, so it needs to have a clear purpose and be channel specific. 

Our digital team’s bread and butter is in creating tailored platform strategies for our clients. Occasions where the same content fits all network audiences are few and far between. So, while it’s vital you post regularly and set aside a budget for paid promotion (find out why here) it’s key you create the right assets for the platform you’re posting on.


  • Users: 2.85 billion monthly active users, 50.53 million of whom are in the UK
  • Best for: Connecting with consumers, sharing information, creating a community, creating conversation
  • Content preferred by audience: Engaging snippets, moving images, videos, people, word and picture combinations, light-hearted information


  • Users: 1 billion and counting, with 28.89 million in the UK alone
  • Best for: Connecting with consumers, showing off your product
  • Content preferred by audience: Great-looking, visually engaging videos and photos with a lifestyle feel


  • Users: 756 million, 31.2 million within the UK
  • Best for: Connecting with other businesses, decision makers and stakeholders
  • Content preferred by audience: Business news, long-form content, people posts, video, information, trends.

In short:

  1. Consider who you want to start a conversation with
  2. Give some serious thought to which channel you might find those people on
  3. Get to grips with the purpose for your posting
  4. Create content specific to your audience on each platform

And off you go! Create a content calendar so you can plan your campaigns in advance and ensure they marry with your wider marketing activities.

Or drop us a line and let the team at Torque tell your story for you. There may even be kittens.